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modal verbs (and their overlaps) expressing can/able to/permitted in Chinese explored via Euler Diagram on 
A = ability in the sense of “know how to” (“会” is more common than “能“)
B = permission/request (use “能” or “可以“)
C = possibility (use “能” or “可以“)
D = permission not granted (use “不可以“)
E = impossibility (use “不能“)

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다들 외롭고 심심할때는 뭐해? 혼자 사는건 재미있는만큼 외롭기도 하네.


i’m not sure if my body can handle much more of this “getting out of bed” nonsense

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Profound words from Kpop.
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I have a plan!

My boyfriend lives in Seoul, my parents in Tokyo and me in South Africa. I visit my parents each holiday but only see my bf about once, max twice a year. For our year anniversary, I happen to be in Japan and it’ll be cheap to fly to Korea from there (cheaper and faster than going to Korea from SA). I am planning on surprising him by rocking up at his doorstep without him knowing a thing! Wouldn’t that be a nice present for an anniversary? ^-^ luckily he lives close to a subway station so that I can find his house easily and literally just knock on his door. :3

And no, he won’t find this post as someone commented, lol. He doesn’t use tumblr/stalk my online life/follow any English sites

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I just made the worst chicken thighs ever erp can anyone give me a nice recipe D:

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익명 회원 sent: Por que creaste tu blog?



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To know a man’s library is, in some measure, to know a man’s mind.

Geraldine BrooksMarch (via bookmania) —

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A Dutch national newspaper published a map without South Africa.

The newspaper, AD is the second largest in the Netherlands.
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Ugh this typeface is so beautiful
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