dogstheymakeupthedark sent: You probably get this asked a lot, but I hope it's alright to ask you nevertheless. I was learning japanese for a few months and was able to write both Hiragana and Katakana and started to learn the basic grammar and Kanji. But then I somehow lost motivation and sadly just stopped with everything. Now I want to try it again and I wanted to ask you how are you able to gain the motivation to keep on learning? Also, is it a good way of learning to teach japanese yourself over the internet?

Hi! No problem :3 
Motivation becomes a problem if learning is difficult in the beginner stage or when you reach an intermediate plateau, so dont worry! Try to find something you enjoy and then do it in Japanese, whether it be watching music videos, tv, or reading. Motivation for me is what I can use the language for in the future (for me it would be a job). You can get motivation if you find a penpal who speaks the language and you want to communicate with them. Try writing a diary on websites like or, that could help too. Good luck!

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rishtaywaliaunty sent: hey umm i was stalking your blog and you posted some time ago that you will teach korean just talk to me so here i am talking to you hello my name is ayesha im from pakistan i think you are adorable

Hey! I think we spoke before, I used to live in Islamabad :D If you ever need help with Korean you can send any questions here! Sorry for late reply.

I beg my colleagues to sit down and let’s work this out. Veterans are dying. This is not a policy, academic issue here. This is the very lives of the men and women who are serving.

Sen. John McCain, on the battle in Congress over how much to spend on reshaping the troubled Veterans Affairs Department. Though the House and Senate overwhelmingly approved separate bills in June to speed up veterans’ access to care, they still disagree on the price tag, and it’s unclear whether the legislation will pass in the few days left before Congress adjourns for its August recess. (via latimes) —

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瘦 (shòu) - thin, skinny

讨厌 (tǎo yàn) - annoying, irritating

脸 (liǎn) - face

消息 (xiāo ) - news, information

挺 (tǐng) - very

声音 (shēng yīn) - sound, noise

关心 (guān xīn) - concern

乖 (guāi) - well-behaved

建议 (jiàn yì) - to recommend

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The things I send my friends
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naka meguro by yongseok -_- on Flickr.

I will forever remember walking this road to my internship  <3

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i love you nakameguro

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currently undergoing a massive identity crisis. i really really really dont know who i am and what i want and i just wanna stay in tokyo i dont wanna go back to south africa, its not even home for me, i dont even know where my home is what is this

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I love this picture because usually their eyes are so big and wide like O_O and in this pic they’re peacefully resting their eyes
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The size of North America compared to the Great Red Spot on Jupiter.
Great Red Spot, an enormous, long-lived storm system on the planet Jupiter and the most conspicuous feature of its visible cloud surface. It is generally reddish in colour and oval in shape, approximately 20,000 km long and 12,000 km wide (12,400 by 7,500 miles)—large enough to engulf Earth and Mars side by side.
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Pizza hut killin’ it.
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Frosty Sunrise, Lapland, Finland

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